Kunal Wason

The Voice and the Founder of the band, Kunal has studied the great Hindustani Classical Music and Sufi Music to a great depth. His soul-stirring and thoughtful lyrics add life to his music.

He is passionate towards music from a very young age. Already showcased his talent and won the hearts of many.

Alumni of DELHI SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, his recent works also include writing and composing Jingles and songs for Bollywood, Corporates and PSUs. Apart from being a humanitarian, his positive attitude and sharp sense of humour rubs off on everyone he interacts with, be it his teammates or the audience he mesmerizes with his voice.

Kunal has been touring nationally since 2007. He has been featured on MTV Rock On Season 2 with his band Nasya in the year 2010 which adjudged them to be one of the top 10 bands from the country. Since then he never got a chance to look back.

He also got featured on the channel "Sahara" for the show "FULL VOLUME" in the year 2011 and "BOUNDARY PAAR" in the year 2012 alongside the Comedy King RAJU SHRIVASTAVA and MANOJ TIWARI followed by the show "MUSIC MASTI AUR DHAMAAL" on "Dilli Aajtak" in the year 2013. And the year came to an end with his live performances for the show "NEVER HIDE SOUNDS" alongside the Bollywood Sufi Queen "Harshdeep Kaur" presented by the channel MTV and Ray-ban.

He recently enthralled the Indian audience with his appearance on the reality show WELCOME 2- Baazi Mehmaan Nawaai Ki on the channel LIFE OK in March 2014.

His recent merger with the Singer/Actor ALFAAZ and the music directors "Yo Yo HONEY SINGH N SACH" for the song "HAJJ" from "Ishq Brandy" has made a mark in Pollywood.

His first ever Bollywood collaboration as a SINGER-COMPOSER for the film "NH24" is soon going to be on the floors.

For more info : www.kunalwason.com

Ripple Boruah

A natural player with brilliant techniques, Ripple Boruah is equally well-versed in blues jazz, funk, rock, metal, indian classical, contemporary, pop guitar playing and brings elements of all these styles to his uniquely diversified harmonies in Nasya. His never ending zeal and ability to explore music coming from various regions and times augment his musical influences every moment.

Ripple has played in many outfits like Rock bands, Metal bands, Trios, Solo acts etc which enhances his understanding of music composition and performance.

Pankaj Beniwal

Pankaj has been playing a variety of percussion instruments ranging from "tabla , Dholak , Darbuka , Djembe and a variety of shaker instruments for last 5 years . He hails from a family of musicians , being exposed to Hindustani Classical Music from a tender age.

Having trained under his Guru's he draws his inpiration from legendary tabla player " Zakir Hussain".

Vishal Mehta

A versatile drummer, vishal has played with various artists/bands such as Farhan Akhtar , Ali Zafar (coke studio pakistan) , Aditi Singh ( Groove Adda) , Artists unlimited, crimson , Rockveda. Like every band says he is the backbone of the band.

His constantquest for perfection is very evident in music both in terms of production and a true expression of his inspirations.

Sujeet Gupta

Sujeet on the flute plays an important role in filling up the sound of the band and his delicate touches create a sublime mood for the audience. Trained in hindustani classical music by his Gurus. He has tailored his skills to match the band'd sound.

A sincere and hard working musician, he is a prized asset for the band and his technical abilities are truly a joy to behold.

Pankaj Verma

Pankaj, the bassist of the band hails from the land of calmness- Himachal. He brings with himself and the 4 stringed instrument the soul straight from the Gods' denizen. The soulful music which mellifluously sails through the strings of his guitar not only binds but also takes audiences into a different dimension.

A sheer genius!